Artist statement

Carl Jung once said that the idea of a second birth is found at all times and in all places. This sentiment inspires my work, inspires my interest in the juxtaposition of diverse elements; particularly the tension between beauty and decay, death and life, and rebirth.

I let chance and randomness guide my work, choosing to recycle materials that have been discarded in some way or another. Found materials such as trash, burned and discarded dolls, pianos, fabric, pieces from dilapidated buildings and even failed experiments with my own art is reused to create something new.  Sometimes I will find something and take it in not knowing what I will use it for; the idea to bring it home hits me in the same way the ideas that come when I put disparate pieces together. The excitement I feel when finding something unusual on the side of a random road is the same when I see random pieces come together. Each of these elements had an original purpose. However through my work, I explore and define these elements with the unknown, the subconscious, the unseen in a suggestive, rather than a definite way; like a fabricated nostalgia without the historical coordinates.

Each project takes on a form of its own, such as photography, sculpture, installation, painting and drawing, sewing, knitting, or at times all at once – but not one piece is ever the same. My intent is to leave the pieces open-ended and ambiguous allow the viewer to bring his or her own experiences and personal narratives to my artwork.